Allow customers to login to their account and access any purchased files or videos

Step 1: Enable Customer Accounts in your Shopify store

a) Go to Your Shopify Customer Accounts settings

b) Click the Edit button

c) Tick the ‘’Show Login link in the header of online store and at checkout"

d) Click Save

Step 2: Add a "My Files/Videos" button to your website for your logged-in customers

a) Go to your Shopify Online Store section, click on Themes, and click on Customize

Screen Shot 2023-02-26 at 17.18.28.png

b) Pick any page from the top selector menu (account/order/product)

Screen Shot 2023-02-26 at 17.31.19.png

c) Select the Template section on the left-hand side, find the Apps block and click on Add block

Screen Shot 2023-02-26 at 17.35.29.png

d) Select the Digital library link block

Annotation on 2023-02-26 at 17-36-26.png

e) You can now preview the button in the theme preview, and also customize the button text and alignment per your needs; don't forget to Save once done!

Screen Shot 2023-02-26 at 17.42.09.png

If you need assistance with the above, just reach out; we're available 24/7 and will be more than happy to help!

Note: The theme extension (Add block) feature does not appear? Please reach out to your theme developer or read this article.