Changes Log
4 days ago

WooLentor Pro : 2.2.6 & WooLentor Free : 2.7.0 (September 25, 2023)

  1. Added: Popup builder template import option and template display in template library and Gutenberg editor mode.
  2. Added: Option to add in category grid widget show category > subcategory for shop page.
  3. Added: Min width option for filter item in horizontal Filter addon.
  4. Added: Close popup trigger button addon for Elementor in popup builder module.
  5. Added : Cookie support with the Close button trigger addon in popup builder module.
  6. Added : Option to disable close button in popup builder module.
  7. Solved: Border radius issue in WL : Product image addon.
  8. Tweak : wlpb_module_popup_open and wlpb_popup_closed JS trigger added in popup builder module.
  9. Tweak : reflect the Popup width / height / and positions changes support for elementor editor in popup builder module.
  10. Added : Swatch Limit and catalog mode option in Variation Swatches module. (Pro)
  11. Added : Options to display based on URL, Parameter, Query String, Exact match, Contains, Starts with, and Ends in popup builder module. (Pro)
  12. Added : options to show popup based on device (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) in popup module. (Pro)
  13. Added : options to show popup based on visitors browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE and Edge) in popup builder module. (Pro)
Changes Log
20 days ago

WooLentor Pro : 2.2.5 & WooLentor Free : 2.6.9 (September 9, 2023)

  1. Added: Introduced a link to the Popup Builder module for easy access when creating popups in popup builder Module.
  2. Added: Options for Open/Close Animation in popup builder Module.
  3. Option to set the frequency of popup display by specifying the number of days and close count in popup builder Module.
  4. Added: The Entire Site condition option by default in popup builder Module.
  5. Added :  Out of stock product badge change option added in (Universal Product layout, Archive product custom layout, Related product custom, upsell product custom, cross sell custom, filterable product). (Pro)
  6. Added: Options to set animation delay in popup builder Module. (Pro)
  7. Added: The ability to open the popup by clicking on a specific element's class/ID in popup builder Module. (Pro)
  8. Added: Option to disable the overlay in popup builder Module. (Pro)
  9. Added :  Image, title, SKU, and product meta showing option for order details addon in email customiser module. (Pro)
  10. Added :  Slider option in customer review addon. (Pro)
  11. Added : 5(Date, DateTime Local, Time, Week, Month) Custom field type in Checkout Field manager module. (Pro)
  12. Added : Option to hide side mini cart when the cart is empty. (Pro)
  13. Solved : Elementor deprecated warning issue.
  14. Solved : Inactivity Time option is now functioning properly in popup builder Module.
  15. Solved : Resolved a popup query issue related to the setup_postdata function in popup builder Module.
  16. Solved : Demo template data showing issue in elementor mode.
  17. Solved: Increment and decrement button showing issue if product quantity is less then 1 or equal.
  18. Solved : Manually order create response issue fixed with Pre-Order Module. (Pro)
Changes Log
a month ago

WooLentor Free : 2.6.8 (August 27, 2023)

  1. Solved : Default product sorting issue.
  2. Added : Popup template import functionality has been added.
  3. Solved : Demo template showing issue in template add screen with popup builder module.
  4. Solved : Product current query issue for shop page.
  5. Solved : Gutenberg block editor some field style issue.
Changes Log
a month ago

WooLentor Pro : 2.2.4 & WooLentor Free : 2.6.7 (August 21, 2023)

  1. Added : Filter for change the Order Details title.
  2. Added : Action Button hide show global option and individual option has been added in archive custom layout addon. (Pro)
  3. Added : Background color change option for list view mode in archive custom layout addon. (Pro)
  4. Added : Sort By product filter label change option in product Vertical and Horizontal product filter addon.
  5. Added : Product Meta Data show in Shopify like checkout module.
  6. Added : Sort By product filter label change option in product Vertical and Horizontal product filter addon.
  7. Added : QuickView close if click on outside and cross icon.
  8. Added : Popup Builder Module.
  9. Solved : Product ordering issue in default archive addon.
  10. Compatibility : Compatibility with latest WooCommerce and Elementor Version.
Changes Log
2 months ago

WooLentor Pro : 2.2.3 & WooLentor Free : 2.6.6 (July 31, 2023)

  1. Added : Taxonomy list showing option in taxonomy list page. (pro)
  2. Solved : HTML Tag name spelling issue in shopify like module.
  3. Solved : Sample template showing issue has been solved.
  4. Solved : External product redirect issue from QuickView popup.
  5. Solved : External product add to cart button issue with single product ajax add to cart module.
  6. Solved : Dimension field style issue for Gutenberg.
  7. Compatibility : Compatibility with latest WooCommerce Version.
Changes Log
3 months ago

WooLentor Pro : 2.2.2 & WooLentor Free : 2.6.5 (July 8, 2023)

  1. Improved : Scroll to top after AJAX request complete in advanced product filter module. (Pro)
  2. Solved : Side Mini cart content update issue with Universal Variation QuickCart. (Pro)
  3. Solved: Email customiser module and Woodmart theme conflict issue. (Pro)
  4. Compatible : Wishlist button Compatibility with WC FSE blocks.
Changes Log
3 months ago

WooLentor Pro : 2.2.1 & WooLentor Free : 2.6.4 (June 25, 2023)

  1. Solved: Footer menu doesn’t showing issue with shopify like checkout page.
  2. Solved : Product show issue with product filter addon.
  3. Solved : Side Mini cart Content rendering issue with WooCommerce latest version. (Pro)
  4. Solved : Variation Swatch render issue with QuickCart. (Pro)
  5. Solved : Admin tab style issue in Email Automation module post type page. (Pro)
  6. Solved : Email customer module responsive issue. (Pro)
  7. Compatibility : With latest WooComemrce and Latest Elelementor version.
Changes Log
4 months ago

WooLentor Pro : 2.2.0 & WooLentor Free : 2.6.3 (May 28, 2023)

  1. Added : Option to show back order product available date and send it to client email address after order completion.
  2. Solved : Backorder field hide and showing issue in product edit screen.
  3. Solved : My account edit issue with WL: Account Edit widget. (Pro)
  4. Solved : Notice showing issue in Address edit and Account edit widget. (Pro)
  5. Solved : Few Minor bugs.
Changes Log
4 months ago

WooLentor Pro : 2.1.9 & WooLentor Free : 2.6.2 (May 14, 2023)

  1. Added : Multi-Step checkout scroll to top after switch step. (Pro)
  2. Solved : Some non translate text in Multi-Step checkout addon. (Pro)
  3. Solved : Post duplicate issue has been solved in post duplicator module.
  4. Compatibility with latest WooCommerce version.
  5. Compatibility with latest Elementor version.
Changes Log
5 months ago

WooLentor Free : 2.6.1 (April 30, 2023)

  • Added : Two filter for third party Wishlist plugin compatibility.
  • Solved : Add to cart button style issue in QuickView template.
  • Compatibility : With latest WooComemrce and Latest Elelementor version.