Voice123 Public Product Roadmap

Hi there, Voice123 community!

We made this public roadmap to provide you with insight into what we're busy working on, what we're about to start work on, and what we're thinking of working on. We hope you find this peek behind the scenes both useful and informative :)

How It works?
Each card represents a project we are working on or might work on in the future, organized in stages. Upvote or add comments to each card in order to share your input! 

🕵️‍♂️ Exploring: This is a list of interesting ideas created as a result of feedback from you. We haven't committed to them yet, but we're eager to know how much they resonate with you. Cards in this state are in a research phase, we'd love to receive your input on each subject.  

📐Design: Designing solutions and testing them. Design, test, refine, repeat! Please leave us your info in each card where you'd like to contribute as a tester.

💻 Development: Cards in this column have started the implementation process.

🚀 Released: Improvements or new features you can now use on the Voice123 platform. Take a look and let us know what you think!