New Release
22 November 2022

v3.2.1 Update

New Integrations 🎉

  1. Pinterest Ads (new) -  Link
  2. Google My Business -  Link
  3. Amazon Seller - Link

New Features

  1. Shopify - Added New "Hour" dimension

  2. Shopify Fast (beta) - For stores that have too many orders our Shopify connector can be slow or even fail to fetch data. We have a way to backfill data so that your data is cached and the queries run so much more faster. Please let me know if you want to be part of this.

  3. Amazon Seller - Added over 40+ new report types

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New Release
17 October 2022

v3.2 Update

New Features

  1. Added a Brand New Integrations🎉
    1. Google My Business
  2. Added new metrics/dimensions for Facebook Ads
    1. Phone number clicks (On Facebook)
    2. Get directions clicks (On Facebook)
  3. Added new metrics/dimensions for Google Analytics (UA)
    1. Account name, Account ID, Web property ID, Web property name, Profile ID, Profile name
  4. Added new metrics/dimensions for LinkedIn Ads:
    1. 1 day Reach, 7 day Reach, 30 day Reach
    2. 1 day Frequency, 7 day Frequency, 30 day Frequency
    3. Cost per reach 1 day, Cost per reach 7 day, Cost per reach 30 day
    4. Member company
    5. Campaign group edit link, Campaign edit link,
    6. Account name, Account number, Account type, Account status, Currency code
  5. Added new metrics/dimensions for Google Ads:
    1. Keyword ID, Click Type
  6. Added new metrics/dimensions for Shopify:
    1. Customer Type - returning or new customer
  7. Added new metrics/dimensions for Facebook Page Insights
    1. Total Followers, New follows, New follows (unique users)
    2. Unfollows, Unfollows (unique users)
    3. Page crossposted video ad break impressions, Page crossposted video ad break earnings
    4. Page owned video ad break impressions, Page owned video ad break earnings
    5. Post 60s video views

Bug Fixes

  1. Many speed and stability improvements

Going forward, to make our releases consistent we will use the same release version for both Google Sheets and Looker Studio.

New Release
29 July 2022


New Features

  1. Added 2 Brand New Integrations  
    1. Multi Channel Funnel Google Analytics (inside Google Analytics)
    2. Instagram Insights
  2. MySQL and MariaDB - Add option to specify port number SSH for
  3. PostgreSQL - Add SSH and SSL options for
  4. Shopify 
    1. Made major improvements on speed
    2. Added over 25 new dimensions and metrics
  5. TikTok Ads - Added Over 100 new dimensions and metrics
  6. Google Ads - Added new metrics Search Click Share, Conversions and Conv. value (by conversion time)
  7. Google Analytics 4
    1. Added new dimensions - Source, Medium
    2. Added ability to fetch custom metrics and Dimensions defined in GA
  8. Added 12 New Report Templates 

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix missing Custom/Standard conversions values in Facebook Ads
New feature
18 March 2022


  • Added new connectors
    • MySQL
    • Maria DB
    • CloudFirestore
    • Apple App Store
  • Added 3 more Facebook Ad metrics
    • Quality ranking (text)
    • Engagement Rate Ranking (text)
    • Conversion Rate Ranking (text)
  • Team invite will be sent on adding a new user to team
  • Minor fix on Google Ads metric - Video Views
  • Added new feature 
    • Shopify custom apps can be used to add a data source
    • Credential expiry status in Data Sources
New Release
24 January 2022


  • Added data options to show empty values as zero 
  • Added new connectors
    • LinkedIn Ads