What is web hosting management panel? 

They are helping to simplify the process of hosting a web site. Both of them using categorized structure, which provides capabilities to control the various aspects of website and server administration through web browser.

Which tasks can be performed with web hosting management panel?

Web hosting management can be used to: 

  • manage files
  • manage databases
  • manage ftp access
  • manage various php setting
  • manage installed SSL certificates
  • manage email (if used)
  • manage or install various CMS
  • manage access and security settings
  • perform backups\restore
  • view web statistics
  • view web-server logs

Which web hosting management panels do you use?

We offering to our clients two most popular nowadays web hosting management panels - cPanel and Plesk.

How to login into my web hosting management panel?





I've lost my credentials, what to do? 

If you can't anymore login to your cPanel\Plesk, submit a ticket to our support, and we will reset it for you.