Subscription+ app offers several features to help our merchants grow and build a better retention business. You can find some of the features we have built in this document.

 Subscription discounts
Subscription discounts enable merchants to apply discounts, thereby decreasing cart abandonment rates and building better and stronger relationships with their clients. Discounts can be applied to all subscriptions all at once, for each subscription separately, and by collections. You can also set up automatic discounts or do discount codes and integrate a good referral system.

 Intuitive customer dashboard
Subscription plus offers a great experience for your users with a great user dashboard - a unified experience to gather all your subscription history in one place. This gives a unified experience to your customer and eases their processes through your shop, making them navigate stress-free. 

Fail payment retrial system
Payments often represent one of the biggest problems in subscription-based businesses. There are unlimited scenarios of what can go wrong when it comes to recurring payment systems, which is why our Subscription+ app has integrated the fail payment retrial system. It allows you full control of handling failed payments, when to try again for another payment and when to cancel subscriptions.

Ability to let customers change their info after an order has been placed
Many users have said to have issues when they have entered their shipping address wrong, or contact details, only after they have made a purchase. This common issue has easily been solved with a simple yet powerful solution: The ability to let customers change their info after the order has been placed. This way, users can edit their contact and shipping details even after making the purchase. 

Ability to embed custom js and sec codes
We in the Subscription+ team always work hard to provide endless possibilities for our merchants. However, that is not always possible, so we have enabled our merchants to activate their CSS and JS codes on their subscriptions. In your Subscription + Admin panel, you can locate this setting and explore unlimited possibilities.

Dark and Light themes
With the rise of the mobile internet era and the use of mobile internet, Dark modes, as well as the previously established light ones, have become popular. With many users using their gadgets in dark mode, we had to enable you to accompany those trends; that is why we have integrated dark and light mode options for the subscription +. 

Customizable automatic email options
There are several situations when communication with the users represents the key to good relations. It is better to maintain communication when you need to notify them about some changes or just send a reminder email that their subscription payment is due soon. With email options integrated into the Subscription + App, this process is seamlessly integrated and easy to obtain.

Different subscription plans
The best way to suit all your customer needs in retention-based model businesses is to provide them with as personalized subscription content as possible. This process is effortless with Subscription + different subscription plan options, and having this multiple plan option activated and more active subscription sets ensures you completely satisfy your customers’ needs.

API Integration
Our app also offers the possibility to make additional customization to the app with the use of APIs. We provide you with the full documentation in regards to Subscription Plus APIs integration, which allows you to manage Customer details, App Settings, cancellation reasons, subscription details, order frequency, Apply/Remove Discount, Add products to the subscription, Swap Product, Add one-time product to subscription, and many more.