New feature
14 November 2022

Enter all eligible students to all events

We have rolled out a new feature that allows you to en-roll all eligible students from event pools to all events with one click.

1. Simply visit the event menu from inside of your meet as shown below

2. To assign all eligible students into all events, select 'Assign all Pools'. Once confirmed this will alert you with the outcome as below

3. If you wish to undo your enrolment, simply select 'unassign all events' 

New Feature
14 noviembre 2022

option to automatic enter all eligible students to all events

New feature
22 August 2022

Blank Event & Marshall Sheets

We have just rolled out a new PDF export type to help you in your meet management, 

Blank Event Sheets

Sports Tracker now supports true blank event sheets for your entire meet, see below. This means you can print out the below for all events regardless of whether or not you have students entered into events. This is perfect for schools who do not know who's competing until after the event has been completed.

Marshall Sheets

This export is as above but contains the names of all competitors who have been assigned to the race.

New feature
29 July 2022

Set different administrator access levels

We have just rolled out a new feature which will help you control with more detail the levels of access your administrators have in your organisation. 

Varied Access Levels

When creating administrators in your account, you now have the option to add them as either 'full' or 'light' mode. 

Full Mode

This is the level of access you're already aware of inside of sports tracker and the current default mode for all admins. This level of access allows you full ability to create meets, import students, setup events and much more. 

Light Mode

This new mode is now available to use with admins who you want to simply have access to ONLY enter results for your respective meets. In this mode all other pages/buttons will be greyed out and inaccessible unless the person is a full mode admin. 

User Experience
29 julio 2022

Set different administrator access levels

User roles to define access - full admin and result entry only

New feature
07 September 2021

PDF/Excel Export of All Records

We've now released a long-awaited new feature inside of Sports Tracker allowing you to download PDF & Excel versions of your organisation records. 

Simply head to 'Export'' when inside of one of your meets to see the download options

New Feature
07 septiembre 2021

PDF/Excel Export of All Records

New feature
17 February 2021

Alphabetical Report Sorting

You now have the flexibility to ensure that your excel and PDF reports are generated either by lanes (default) or alphabetically by name. This applies to the blank event sheets and all results exports.