2 years ago

We've completely revamped how templates and reports work in Sparrow! You can now create templates in Google Slides, save them to your Sparrow account, then use them to generate reports for all your clients. 

Not a designer? Just select one of our pre-built templates 😄 Alongside the launch of this new feature we have a few basic Google Slide templates you can use, with plans to add more every month.

  • Create and design templates in Google Slides
  • Use your templates to create reports for all your clients
  • Customize existing templates to fit your needs
  • Export reports as Slides, PPTX, or PDF

View our getting started guide to learn more about creating templates and reports. 

31 May 2022

Sparrow Dashboard Improvements

We added some improvements to our dashboards to make them easier to use!

Filter dashboard views

You can now filter your dashboard views for Ads and Google Analytics 🎉 This allows you to drill down into the data for individual ad campaigns and individual properties and pages for Google Analytics.

Support for email filtering coming soon 😄 

Metric Definition Tooltips

Not sure what a metric means or want clarity on how we calculate something? Just click the metric and you'll be able to see the definition alongside the time period we're comparing the metric to (for growth percentages). 

New feature
15 March 2022

Insert Social Media Screenshots

You can now insert screenshots of your social media posts directly into Google Slides.

Inserted screenshots refresh alongside your metrics, so you're always looking at the latest metrics within the screenshot image. 

New feature
15 February 2022

Embeddable Charts

New feature
18 January 2022

Add-on Features and Improvements

We revamped the add-on to make it easier for you to add data to your spreadsheets and presentation 🎉 

  • Created a Quick Insert button to make it easier to insert metrics, charts, and more
  • Added the ability to insert and sync charts into Google Slides
  • Added social media posts to the add-on cards
  • Insert tables of data into Google Sheets or Google Slides
  • Added a settings page to make it easier to manage your account
  • Added metric descriptions
  • Added Currency Support