If you have many files or videos on one product you should organize them into folders so the customer can drill down and find them

If you have a product that has many files or videos, you should organize these files and videos into folders; this is just a suggestion and to do that follow the following steps:

1. Visit the Sky Pilot Product section

2. Select your product/product variant

3. Click the three vertical dots icon in the top right, select Add Folder and name it however you want

Screen Shot 2023-02-26 at 16.50.04.png

Once you have done this, you can move files or videos from the product into the folder by dragging them over the folder. You can also manage files and videos in a folder by clicking on the folder's name and then adding files or videos to the folder. Lastly, you can drag and drop your files to show them in the order you prefer or need.