Our integration with Shopify's Fraud Analysis to manually approve high-risk orders



Sometimes your store may receive orders which are considered high risk on Shopify’s fraud analysis tool. Shopify’s built-in fraud tool will notify and mark suspicious orders to bring to your attention. To help with this feature integration, Sky Pilot has additional settings to ensure fraudulent orders are actioned correctly. 


To enable Fraud Filter on Sky Pilot, head over to Settings > Delivery Settings > Fraud Prevention. 





When enabling this filter, it will temporarily hold off on delivering the digital product to orders that are marked as High risk based on Shopify’s fraud analysis tool. With this feature enabled, you will need to manually approve the delivery of the digital items to an order that is marked as high risk for fraud. 


After reviewing Shopify’s Fraud Analysis, you can decide whether to fulfil the order or not. 




If the order is physical or digital, you will need to fulfil or cancel the order both on Shopify and on Sky Pilot. If the order is digital only, you can simply fulfil or cancel the order within Sky Pilot. This can be done on the Sky Pilot Orders page, by allowing or revoking access.








If you want to cancel the order, you can also refund the customer from Shopify’s order page. 


When customers try to access digital content that is Pending Approval, they will see an error message informing them that the merchant is reviewing the order. If access is revoked, customers will see a message informing them that they do not have access. If access is granted, customers will see the digital files as normal.