If you do not want to use our default checkout button you can add a custom one to your checkout page

Sky Pilot automatically adds a download button to your Checkout page. This will help customers access files directly after purchase. If you would like to add your own checkout link instead of using the automatic one, you can do this by following the instructions below.


1. Go to Your Shopify Checkout settings

2. Scroll down to the Order status page section

3. Paste the following code into the field titled Additional scripts and click Save

<div id='downloads' class='content-box' style="margin-top: 25px;">
<div class='content-box__row'>
<a href='http://{{shop.domain}}/apps/downloads/orders/view/{{order.email}}/{{order.id}}' class='btn'>
Download My Purchases
<script type='text/javascript'>
document.addEventListener('sky-pilot-ready', function(){
SkyPilot.target = '#downloads';
SkyPilot.hide_unless_downloads('{{order.email}}', '{{order.id}}', '{{shop.permanent_domain}}');

If you need help with adding the code, just reach out; we're available 24/7 and will gladly assist!

By default, the button is labelled ‘’Access Digital Content", but you can change this label to anything you want in your Sky Pilot Settings. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings tab and click on Delivery Settings

2. Scroll all the way down and find the Button Text field, update the wording per your preference and click Save