We recommend sending download links from Sky Pilot, however, you may prefer to add a link to your Shopify order confirmation

It is possible to send download links in your standard Shopify order confirmation emails.  To enable this setting, follow the steps below:


1. Disable Sky Pilot emails

a) Go to Email settings

b) Uncheck "Notify Customers of digital content via email" and click ‘’Save’’

c) Allow Sky Pilot to tag your products so you can identify whether the order includes a digital item so you can include a link to access the digital products. 




2. Add download link to Shopify order confirmation

a) In your Shopify settings, head over to Your Order Confirmation Email Template

b) Add the following snippet to your order confirmation template (if you need help with this, we're available 24/7, just reach out and we'll assist):

{% assign with_digital_files = false %}

{% for line_item in line_items %}
{% assign variant = line_item.variant %}
{% assign product = variant.product %}
{% assign variant_tag = "variant-<variant-id>-has-digital-downloads" | replace: "<variant-id>", variant.id %}
{% if product.tags contains variant_tag %}
{% assign with_digital_files = true %}
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

{% if with_digital_files %}
<a href="http://{{shop.domain}}/apps/downloads/orders/view/{{email}}/{{id}}" class="btn">
Download My Purchases
{% endif %}