Use Sky Pilot to sell Custom Products to your customers

Understanding the importance of personalization in today's competitive e-commerce landscape, we've introduced the ability to add files for specific orders directly from the single order page.


  1. Create your product in Shopify e.g. Custom Workout Plans 

  2. Customer purchases your product.
  3. Attach Custom Products: On the single order page, you'll find a new button - Add Custom File(s) to attach a custom archived product to an order.  


  4. Once confirmed, you'll be redirected to a "custom product for customer" page. Here, you can simply attach files / videos just as you would do with an ordinary product. However, the difference is that this product is archived, so nobody else will be able to purchase it except for the customer the product is intended for. 




  5. Returning to the order page, you'll see the custom line item added, allowing you to track and manage personalized items effortlessly.


6. Notify the customer that their custom product is available.