Add a digital download button with app blocks

Note: This guide is for Shopify 2.0 compatible themes. For themes not using Shopify 2.0, you would need to follow the steps in the Customer Account Integration article.


How to tell if I'm on a 2.0 compatible theme: Theme versions


In Shopify 2.0 themes, Shopify has included the option to add app blocks to your pages. This means that in updated Shopify 2.0 themes you can add a link to your customer's digital download library more easily. 


You can do this on pages where you can add a section or app block:




Here, you can scroll down to the "App block" section, and select the digital download button:

You can select the "Digital library link" option, and your button will now be added to the page! You can drag, and position this section on the page as you would another section or block within your theme.


On Product pages, you can also add a "Product already purchased" button so that a customer is aware that they already have access to the content purchased on this product, and can access their content:

The button should look similar to: 

You can customize the alignment of the button by selecting the button section in your left pane, and changing your alignment options: