Sana Commerce Cloud (add-ons)

"A suite of best-fit standard solutions tailored to our customer’s needs”

Extensions on the Sana framework, designed and developed to help merchants fostering lasting relationships in a particular region, to a specific audience, or in a specific industry.

  • Adding value to all our customers, not just one
  • Developed against Sana's structured APIs, to be independent from the framework
  • SaaS-compatible

Resulting in reliable features which are backward and future compatible and providing frequent and painless upgrades.

Three pillars of success:

  • Best fit solutions: Sana being the thought leader on the critical webstore components for our customer’s region, audience and industry
  • In-depth integrations: Sana working as one with our standard and native, or in-depth, integrations
  • Extensible features: Sana as an extensible B2B e-commerce platform with a rich “pool” of Community Add-ons, so we can roll-out more standard SCC instances