10 August 2022

What’s New in Reorder Master: Aug ✨ 

Our product teams took a few weeks to pursue smaller HulkApps - Reorder Master app updates they’d been waiting to get to: 

Learn what’s new in Reorder Master app:

  1. Offer banner text formatting (increase or decrease font size)
  2. See all reordered products' history in your Dashboard

We’ve been inspired by your ideas about how our app updates are helping you destress and achieve big goals. Keep them coming!


08 July 2022

Special Instructions Order Notes : July 10

On our recent product roadmap, our number one priority has been to implement customer feedback. 

Admins are free to enable, as well as disable to your theme a special instructions/order notes input box for your customers.

Thank you for letting us know about your needs, so we can make sure you get the best possible experience!

10 May 2022

New integration: Looped in

The biggest goal for us here at HulkApps is to make our merchants’ lives easier and their businesses more successful. We have made that process more straightforward after years of adding features according to the merchants’ inputs with our Public Roadmaps!
This new integration comes with a high number of features.

  1. Public Roadmaps:
    You can now see our planned updates, features, integrations, etc. If you see something you wish to be done sooner, we encourage you to vote and leave comments on those features.

  2. Ideas section:
    If you need an unplanned feature or have an excellent idea for one of our apps, feel free to submit the concept - we promise we will do our best to deliver.

  3. Updates and articles:
    Each new update or piece of relevant information will be posted in our updates and articles area. Changelogs have been upgraded.

Bottom line:

We value your feedback and try hard to deliver the best possible results to our merchants; many great features are coming, so don’t miss them.