With Klaviyo, you can automate post-purchase campaigns that send customized emails to remind single-purchase customers that it’s time to re-order, build long-lasting relationships with your customers, and increase revenue. 

The data we transfer:

  • Order Number
  • Order IDs
  • Customer Email
  • Customer Name
  • Order Type - Reorder

This article will detail how to perform every step successfully and ensure your customer information appears correctly on your Mailchimp account via webhooks in real time. Please read through and follow carefully.

Get Klaviyo API Keys

Step 1: Configure Klaviyo

1. Go to Klaviyo admin

2. Click Account > Settings

Step 2: Collect the necessary Keys

1. On the same page, Click on Create Private API key to generate a private API key.

2. Click on the pencil icon to rename the label to Reorder Master App Key, so you won't forget where this key is used.

3. Click on the eye icon to see and then copy the Private API Key. It will be used in the next steps.

Sync data from Reorder Master to Klaviyo

Step 1: Connect Reorder Master to Klaviyo

  1. Head over to Reorder Master app > General Settings
  2. Enable Klaviyo integration
  3. Add Klaviyo Public API Key and Private API Key values
  4. Press Save.

Step 2: Monitor Klaviyo sync

1. Back to Klaviyo admin > Analytics > metrics

2. You will see a new metric called Reorder Master - Reorder Placed, you can check the details from this example event we sent you.

Your Reorder Master and Klaviyo are now connected!

For any help, contact our customer support team!