• Can I use several WhatsApp numbers?
    • Yes, you just have to connect your phone to WhatsApp web, scanning the QR code.
  • How many contacts can I send?
    • The extension is capable of working 24/7
  • Does it work in WhatsApp’s Desktop App?
    • No, it is a chrome extension and it works only on WhatsApp web on Google Chrome (Mac, Windows, and Linux).
  • Does it Work in my Country?
    • Every country in the world can use the extension.
  • Is it Safe? Do we Store Your Contacts? What Data does PromoteRoute Store?
    • None of the personal or business data is stored by PromoteRoute servers.
  • What Data Do We Store?
    • We just store basic data like
      1. License status (to check if the user is free or pro user)
      2. Google Signin information which google provides to us to connect the user with the PRO feature. 
  • How to Send Clickable Links in through extension?
    • You can send a clickable link to anyone who
      1. Either have your number saved in his phone book
      2. Or has replied to you at least once on WhatsApp.
  • How to send messages to multiple countries at once?
    • To send WhatsApp Messages to contacts of multiple countries, Have the ISD code in the numbers themselves.
    • For Example +91..., +1..., +55... and so on
  • Does Pro Version avoid number banning?
    • No! Buying the Pro Version does not guarantee that your number will not be blocked. It only gives you access to the additional pro features like sending attachments, Personalized messages, and much more…
  • How to avoid the blocking of numbers?
    • Send to known contacts only. Don’t use it for spamming.
    • Don’t send to more than 50 people in one shot.
    • Don’t send more than 500 people in a single day.
    • Please add a profile picture to your WhatsApp account to stay safe from getting your account deactivated.
    • We are not responsible for any account block