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22 November 2022

✨ What's New in Profi 🦃

Our Latest Features:

🎛️ Your Client’s Dashboard Got a Savory Redesign

We took a breather on client management this month to focus on Client Sessions and Services. From the layout of all sessions — whether they’re upcoming, available, or past sessions  — your clients will see a scannable snapshot of the status and necessary details they need to show up and get the most out of your most succulent services.

📦 Client Packages Got a Sweet lil’ Upgrade

As a sweeter side to the client dashboard redesign, we’ve restructured client Packages so both you and your clients know at-a-glance what’s included in the package, when it’s active, what’s remaining in the package, and its current status via a progress bar and session counter. Clients can easily schedule remaining package sessions directly from their dashboard.

💡 Packages with sessions remaining are stacked together under the Available sessions section of your client’s dashboard with a progress bar indicating the available parts of the package (as shown above).

💡 When a package is completed or has expired, clients will find it in the Past sessions section of their dashboard with a collapsed view (as shown above).

💡 As the practitioner, keep track of package usage from the Service tab and the Package itself. Under the Clients tab, you’ll find a snapshot of completed, available, and total sessions (as shown above).

📜 Add Forms to Your Programs

Remember when you needed to create a Follow-up questions module from scratch each time with very limited types of questions? Not anymore. Use the full power of Profi Forms by creating or importing forms from templates you’ve already created in Profi right inside the Program.

We’ve replaced the "Follow-up questions" Program module with a "Forms and questions" module. Create your program-specific forms in advance and add them to a Program as a module. This update unlocks all form fields and makes them available in your program, including eSignatures combined with follow-up questions.

Edit, copy, and reuse your forms as often as needed to capture your client's responses inside the Program. Transition clients seamlessly from form to a session to ensure you’re gathering the information — when and where you need to — so you can deliver the highest service level to your clients. 

💡 Upload questions from an existing form inside the Forms module of your Program by selecting the "Upload questions from form" link in the questions section of your program’s Forms module. Then choose your existing form from the dropdown menu.

💡 Duplicate or Delete your Forms module inside your Program by selecting the three-dot menu on the right side of the module.

Do you need clients to complete a specific form in your program flow before they can move on to the next module? You’re in good company, then. We’ve added a new completion option to the Forms module in Programs, so when a client submits a form, the module will be marked as complete.

New feature
05 October 2022

✨ What's New in Profi? 🍁

Our Latest Features:

🏷️ Group Clients With Similar Attributes Using Tagging!

We continue designing ways to make client management more flexible for you. This month, we’ve added tags that allow you to create and manage color-coded client groups based on shared attributes that you define.

Are they a VIP who gets extra care? Are they a referral from your network from a specific city or region? Are they subscribed to a group package you need to manage unique messaging to? Handle it all with tags! Client table view now has tagging for grouping clients by shared attributes


Use tags for any shared client attribute: a stage in a process, persona, location, service type, status or activity level. Client tags can be added, managed and displayed in the Clients table view as well as in each Client profile card.

💡 Profi Tip: To Create a tag on your Clients page, just place your cursor in a client’s Tag column and begin typing. Options for deleting and managing tag colors will appear as you create them.

Creating a new client tag in Clients page in

💡 Profi Tip: To Create a tag on a Client profile card, just place your cursor in a client’s Tag field below Stage and begin typing. Options for deleting and managing tag colors will appear as you create them. client tag in client profile



📜 View Your Client’s History in Digest Form

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate, so remembering the detailed interaction history of each of your clients across time, services and team members is simply out of the question! That’s why we’ve launched a new Client History tab inside each Client profile.

Each Client History is a dated, timed, and detailed digest of each of your client’s touchpoints with your service team and business. Never miss a key moment that makes or breaks your client’s experience again! client history tab

New feature
24 August 2022

✨ What's New in Profi for August 🌺

Our Latest Features:

🧭 Track Clients Across Every Stage of Their Journey With Your Business (Part 2 of our Clients Page Redesign)

Remember last month when we delivered an actionable, birds-eye table view to manage your clients from? We’ve taken client management a step further this month, allowing you to define and track your clients at every stage of their journey with your team and business!

On the new Clients table view, you’ll now see a Stages column where you can set and trace each client’s specific stage in a sales process or their journey with your business. Set your clients’ stage directly from the Clients page and inside their client profile details.


Profi Tip: Easily set your Client’s journey or sales stage using flexible options like Suspect, Prospect, Discovery, Proposal, Contract signed, and Client On hold.

Clients journey

🤙 The Pandemic is So Out. Phone & In-person Sessions are Back In!

Remember when you could just say, “call me or I can drop by later!?” Our clients’ lives are busy. Heck, so are ours! Being able to meet them where they're at is crucial to establishing trust and creating a safe space for them to show up in. That’s why we’re excited to share that we’ve built-in 2 new client session formats for you! Hold in-person and phone sessions with your clients in Profi! Whether you’re meeting online, offline and in-person or on the phone, Profi will support you in making that client connection.


And don’t worry, whatever option you or your clients choose to connect with, the session location is clearly communicated to each of you:

Session location details your clients see on their Client dashboard.

client dashboard

Session location details you’ll see your Clients page Profiles.

calendar session

Profi Tip: For phone sessions, just select Phone call as your session Location. Then choose whether the client should call you or if you’ll call them. Simple!

select phone

Profi Tip: For in-person sessions, just select In-person as your session Location. Then enter the address you’ll be meeting at so they can map their way to you.

select in-person

Profi Tip: If you’d like to keep your session address private, just check the box under Address and your clients will privately receive your location after they book with you.


🫱 Share Like a 4-Year-Old in a Soft White Summertime Sandbox

And I literally mean… everything. Your Momma is gonna be so proud of you for all the sharing you can do in Profi! (And if she’s not, then just let us know and we’ll send a letter home). But seriously, August at Profi is all about sharing. And now you can share with your Profi Team like crazy… from our shared Calendar and shared Services to sharing Forms (which allows you to template forms more quickly and effectively), sharing client notes (shown below), and even sharing clients among different team coaches! Consider yourselves a team of givers and share like you just don’t care! (Even though we know you do care… A LOT.)

Access to all client's notes

Profi Tip: For Profi Team users, keep client notes private with the No access setting or allow selected team members to view by toggling the notes list to Can view by their name.

📅 View & Filter Your Team Calendar for Better Coach & Client Management

Managing a team of 3 or more coaches? Then, you’ll be excited to know that as a Team Admin, you can now filter your whole team’s calendar events by team member in your Calendar! You’ll see a new Filter panel to the left of your Team Calendar allowing you to checkbox select each team member name to view their calendar overlaps and parallels. Plus see the number of hours they’re booked per week at-a-glance.

Team calendar

📊 Table View of Your Transaction & Session Reports (for Corporate + Network plans)

Now check out a scannable, digestible, exportable table view of reports for platform Administrators using our Profi Corporate and Network plans! Our new platform reports can be filtered by almost 20 different filters into a table view of your transactions, sessions and programs.

Transactions report

❓Asking yourself payment questions like: What are the total failed payments in a given time frame? What are the total transaction sales by Team Workspace? How can I find a specific payment by ID, name, date, etc.?

The Transaction Report allows you to answer all of these while you filter, view and export your transaction data by filters like creation date, service/product type or name, practitioner name, client name, transaction status, payment method or team workspace.

Session status

❓Asking yourself payment questions like: How many sessions does my team have booked by coach, client, organization or workspace within a current time frame? How many sessions go into overtime? Which coaches are completing, canceling, or missing the most sessions?

The Session Report lets you answer all of these while you filter, view and export all of your client session data by filters including session time, type or name, session host or client name, client’s organization, session status, delivery method, public/private session or team workspace.

🌅 Release Early Cohort Access to Your Program Intro Modules

Now you can give your enrolled Pros-in-practice early access to program modules you choose before the program starts! Easily manage your client cohorts by opening up learning modules based on six different options shown below including on a specific date or immediately after enrollment

Modules for clients

Profi Tip: Give your client cohorts access to these introductory and orientation modules for free as soon as they’ve enrolled in your course or program.

Start and duration

⤵️ One-Click to Export Client Follow-up Q&As From Your Programs

Need to see all the answers to client follow-up question modules you’ve built into your course or program? Now you can export clients’ answers to follow-up questions with one click! Making it easy to work with your client’s feedback in any tools you use outside of Profi: like a spreadsheet, analysis or visualization tool.

Export all clients

New feature
18 July 2022

✨ What's New in Profi for July 🍯

Our Product Vision + Your Feedback

We’ve re-launched our public roadmap under the Resources section of So, go check out what we’ve been busy delivering and planning! Easily click into feature cards on our roadmap and vote for them — letting us know why they're important for you. If you don't see a feature you'd like, just submit it as a new idea. Thank you for helping us shape the future of the Profi platform!


Our Latest Features:

🧮 See a Scannable, Searchable Table View of Your Clients! (Part of our Clients Page Redesign)

You’ve asked for it. And we’re extremely happy to deliver a simpler table view of your clients so you can add, manage and take action on client profiles from a single bird’s-eye view!

The new Clients table view includes two tabs of clients who are currently Active and those who you’ve Archived, with subtotals of each. It’s searchable, sortable and totals your complete client list from both tabs under Total clients (#).

We’ve added super scannable columns to view your client’s name/clickable profile, their email, phone and the organization they’re associated with in a single, simplified client view.

Three dotsUse the three-dot action menu to the right to edit client info, add a note, propose a service, send a message or archive your client directly from the table view. You can send clients messages once they’ve created a Profi account.

To view each client’s profile details just click their name. Our new client profile cards feature an editable client Contact details tab, a Private notes tab, and you can now Propose a service or Archive the client directly from their client profile card as shown below.


📊 Access Transaction & Session Reports (for Corporate + Network plans)

Platform Administrators for Profi Corporate and Network plans now have access to two new platform reports in addition to the Programs Report.

  1. The Transaction Report – allows you to export all of your transaction data by filters like creation date, service/product type or name, practitioner name, client name, transaction status, payment method or team workspace.

  2. And the Session Report – lets you export all of your client session data by filters including session time, type or name, session host or client name, client’s organization, session status, delivery method, public/private session or team workspace.

New feature
10 June 2022

✨ What's New in Profi for June 🌻

Our Latest Features:

🎛️ Team Admins Have Complete Control Over Team Schedules

You wanted more control? You’ve got it. We now bestow upon Profi Team Admins the power to manage all team sessions in their Workspace. Schedule, reschedule and cancel sessions for all your team members.

💡Profi Tip: Team Admins can now fully manage individual and group sessions, individual and group sessions in Profi Packages and individual sessions in Profi Programs.


To schedule a session for a team member in your Workspace just add a new session to your Team calendar (via the +Add button or by clicking into the calendar) and you’ll see a new popup with fields to choose:

  1. the Client,
  2. who you want to assign as the session Host, 
  3. and then select a particular Service.

Profi will then offer the session to the client on the assigned host's behalf.

💡Profi Tip: Team Admins, don’t forget to add your team member as a service host before you can schedule a session for them in the team calendar or manage a session on their behalf.

To reschedule or cancel a team member’s session, just head to your Team Admin Calendar view and hover over the session you’d like to Reschedule or Cancel. Team member hosts can also reschedule or cancel a session scheduled by their Team Admin.