Get more value from your users' activity on your site by using Zapier with the Hulk Product Reviews app. By using Zapier integration with our app, you can set specific automated events to occur when triggering the following actions:

  • Left Reviews on HulkApps

  • Eligible for HulkApps Review Request

Enable Zapier Integration

First, you need to enable Zapier in your app integration tab. You can find Zapier integration under the Integration tab.


Next, create a new token under the Settings tab > API Tokens sub tabs. You will use this token later to connect your account.

Create a Zap

Go to your Zapier Dashboard and click on "Create Zap".

After you have done that, you will be redirected to create a trigger that will start your Zap. Choose "Hulk Product Reviews" from the list of apps. Choose one of the two events that will start your Zap as mentioned earlier. 

To connect your account to Zapier, copy the token you previously created in the settings of our app and paste it into the Product Reviews API Key field here:

Enter your Shopify Domain and continue (please use the following format for your Shopify domain: . Once you have connected your account, proceed to test your added trigger. If the trigger is set up correctly, the New Product Reviews Response will be displayed. 

Create an Action

Next, you will need to create an action. An action is an event a Zap performs after it starts.

You can choose from various options that are presented to you. We will proceed with Slack as an example.

From the dropdown menu, choose an event.

Connect your Slack account to continue.

After you have done that, you will be presented with the Action section where you will be able to enter data you want to send when triggering the event. You can choose from Message, Review Title, Review Star Rating, Review Description, Product Title, Customer Name, Store Name, Email, Created At, Order ID, Product Image, Review Request Link,  and Store URL. 

After filling out the data, proceed to test your created action. 

If the Test Action is successful, you can finally publish your Zap. Click on "Publish" and you are good to go!

Find all your created Zaps in Zapier under the Zaps tab.

Happy automating! 🚀