08 March 2024

New version v2.1.0 available !


  • Each pre-order now has its pre-order date based on the product, for: Generate a separate order for each.. mode
  • All plugin texts are fully translatable
  • The message: Already Shipped can now be customized
  • Added bulk meta to set products as pre-ordered
  • New Pay Later Method tab added
  • Default Shipping Label and PreOrder Shipping Label are now editable!
  • Improved filters in the WooCommerce product list - Added support for pre-ordered variable products
  • Support for WooCommerce 8.6.1 and WordPress 6.4.3

New feature: 

  • Two new widgets created for Elementor
  • Pre-order Date field now appears on Quick Edit.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Separate pre-orders are not generated when status is on hold and payment method is offline - Fixed
  • Pay Later email issue - Fixed
  • Variable products generates pre-orders with value $0 - Fixed
  • Pay button is available on my account before the pay later date for pre-order has arrived - Fixed
  • Pre-order badge issue - Fixed 
  • Support for offline payments - Stock should be reduced - Fixed
  • The notice You are currently using a free version.. which was incorrectly displaying in the PRO version - Fixed
17 August 2023

​​New version v2.0 available !


  • High-Performance order storage (HPOS) Compatibility (Learn more about HPOS)
  • Support for WooCommerce 8.x and WordPress 6.3

New feature: 


  • Proper coupon management
  • New compatibilities with payment gateways/methods: ClearPay, Apple Pay -
a year ago

Version 1.8


  • Status "processing" and not "pre-ordered" when payment method is COD: Compatibility created 
  • Support for Mollie payment gateway when it uses webhooks to change the order status: Compatibility did not exist, so e-mails of pre-ordered orders were not being sent. 
  • Email notification issues: In some cases of the four pre-order modes, emails for preordered orders were not being sent
a year ago

Version 1.7.1


  • Quick edit and bulk editing of pre-order dates instead of having to access each product.
  • Change the pre-ordered status name from settings.
  • The Pre-order Badge is now showing for variable products in the shop and single product page.


  • The "Product Date Cycle" feature should not set products to "In stock" if the stock quantity is set to "0" because it generates conflicts.
19 December 2022

Pre-Orders for WooCommerce PRO - version 1.7

Fixed: Bug in the "Pre-order Extra Fee"

Fixed: Order failed status for all pre-order modes

Fixed: pre-order date not showing on the checkout page for variable products

Fixed: Add sync for pre-order stock settings

Fixed: WooCommerce third-party payment gateways vanish on plugin activation

Enhancement: Add pre-order date for min cart widget

Enhancement: Add order note when the pre-order date changed from the order backend

Enhancement: New Pre-order setting panel for better user experience 

Dev: Add time param in 'preorder_avaiable_date_text_loop' filter for override format