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29 January 2021

New email parser {{stop}} advanced shortcode 

We've added a new shortcode to help with those tricky email extractions. To learn more about how to use the {{stop}} shortcode checkout our advanced extractions help documentation.

New Feature
09 December 2020

Duplicate Check Based On Any Infusionsoft Field 💻

Have you ever need to check if a contact already exists based on a custom field inside of Infusionsoft? If so this update is for you! You can now duplicate check based on any custom field in Infusionsoft.

25 September 2020

NEW PLATFORM: Addressable

We are excited to announce a new Platform Integration with Addressable. Now you can automate the sending of hand-written letters based on actions your clients or customers take. You can learn more about our integration with Addressable on their blog post.

08 April 2020

Improved Email Inbox Navigation ✉️

Use the back and forward buttons on your email events to easily page through emails that have been received and processed by Parsey.