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Need Help?

If you're just getting started, check out The Locale Guide which includes all sorts of helpful info, getting-started videos, and case studies of how Locale is helping companies like yours go granular with their geospatial data. 

If you have unanswered questions, simply book a call with our implementation experts here.

Have Feedback?

Do you have an idea for Locale? Check out Submitting feature requests for Locale. It explains how we decide on new features and how to submit new ideas for Locale.

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Visit our blog for updates, inspiration, and insights from the team, and connect with us on:

Feature Ideas

We’d love to hear your ideas for improving Locale!

Drop us an email at support@locale.ai  or visit our feature submission page and tell us:

What is the pain point that the feature is trying to address?

What would it do that isn’t already in the app?

How would you or other users benefit from the feature?

For everything else, there's always support@locale.ai