Instructions to enable ReCharge integration with Hulk Mobile App Builder


  • Ensure that your ReCharge app is configured with an active product subscription. 

  • Make sure the subscription product is available in the Online Store and Hulk Mobile App Builder Sales Channel.

  • ReCharge is activated with the ability to access the API token and all the read/access/write permissions are provided. 

  • Hulk Mobile App Builder is on the Enterprise plan.


  • Navigate to the ReCharge app and create an API token with all the necessary permissions.

  • Navigate to the Hulk Mobile App Builder App > Settings > Integrations > ReCharge, paste the created API token, and enable the integration.

Congratulations! you have successfully integrated the ReCharge Subscriptions App with our Hulk Mobile App Builder application.

(OPTIONAL) Steps to preview the integration in a demo app: 

(OPTIONAL) Steps to preview the integration in your LIVE app:

  • Please make sure that your LIVE app is on V.1.6 (The app version can be found at the bottom of the side menu and on the Splash screen while the app is being loaded) 
  • After enabling the integration with the correct API key. Simply navigate to the subscription product and try placing a subscription order.)

Please feel free to reach out to us at or WhatsApp us at +91-8732900904 if you have any questions or concerns.