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  13 December 2021
Lowfruits API

REST API for finding new Lowfruits, or querying data from existing reports

  26 January 2022
Estimated of Traffic Potential For Individual Spots in the SERP


It could be helpful to give an estimate of the traffic you could earn if you outranked any of the weak spots for a given keyword.

(Similar to the Estimated Visits metric in Mangools).

This would help with prioritizing which keywords in a cluster to focus on most. 

  15 February 2022
Search volume trends

(by Phil)

Add trend data on search volume

  11 December 2022
Dark Mode
  19 May 2022
CMS / Project management


Something you can add on to make this next level is a CMS or project management aspect to help you organize your content planning.

You currently have lists, this would be awesome if we are able to organize these into projects (so lists for different domains aren't all mixed in) then also be able to have notes for the keywords in our lists or maybe columns, where we can customize extra details we want for each keywords, we can assign writers, organize various keyword silos, have article titles for it, whatever a user might want to create.

We can then go the line easy mark keywords we have already targeted and ones still pending, put due dates on it etc etc, a lot of work that currently.has to be done in various spreadsheets etc.

But having this directly integrated into lowfruits workflows would mean two way updating is happening automatically, and much more streamlined when you are going through reports and adding keywords etc

Basically being able to manage content planning around each keyword within lowfruits

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