Using custom SMTP, you can send workspace updates from your own SMTP server. This gives you control over your email identity and sending process.

Here are some things you need before you start configuring the custom SMTP in loopedin.

  • SMTP Server Address
  • Port Number
  • Username
  • Password
  • From Address (Optional)
  • TLS/SSL Encryption

Before you begin, ensure you have the abvoe list of necessary credentials and SMTP server information from your email provider.

Configuring SMTP Settings

To set up custom SMTP, simply navigate to the specific workspace where you wish to configure it. Then, click on the provided link to access the settings for that workspace.

Now you can see form which request you to enter all the SMTP configuration which we have discussed above.

  • Enter the SMTP server address, port number, authentication method, and any encryption settings.
  • Save the changes to update your SMTP settings.
  • After updating your SMTP settings, it's essential to verify that the configuration is correct and functioning properly by clicking on verify usign test connection button. 
  • Verify that emails are delivered successfully without any errors.(Check for any error messages or delivery issues and troubleshoot as necessary)

Once your custom SMTP configuration is successfully set up and tested, you can confidently use your service by enabling it from setting, this will allow you to send emails through your preferred email provider!