There are currently three levels of permissions within LoopedIn:

  1. Contributors - Read only, but they can submit ideas & add votes
  2. Editors - Full read and write
  3. Admins - Full read and write + admin (access to billing etc)

Access is controlled by Workspaces, meaning you can restrict users to only certain Workspaces, or provide them access to all Workspace.

Managing user roles

An Admin user will be able to perform a number of actions on a given user. These include:

  1. Upgrade to Editor (if you have available seats) - Converts a user to Editor, and the user will then have access to all Pro features, for the workspaces they have access to
  2. Downgrade to read-only - Converts a user back to 'Contributor' (this will free up a seat)
  3. Make admin - Converts the user to an admin (they must already be an Editor)
  4. Delete user - Fully deletes the user and frees up a seat if they were an Editor

Managing Workspace permissions

User permissions can be set from the 'Users' page under Settings. 

From there, User access can be granted or restricted at the Workspace level:

If a user has access to a given Workspace, then they have access to all components related to the Workspace.