New feature
Dec 15, 2021

Get paid at the time of booking: Full amount or a deposit to secure the booking!

Say BYE BYE to no Show!!!

Ask your customer to make a deposit at the same they booked. They can directly pay with a credit or debit Visa card. The deposit can be a percentage or a fixed amount. 

New feature
Feb 01, 2022

iCal for calendar synchronization

LONCANI’s listing system and bookings are straightforward to use. But sometimes, service providers have to arrange a booking system in a perfect way to avoid double bookings. To help you with this purpose, we have introduced the iCal synchronization feature.

This feature allows you to export an iCalendar (. ics or iCal) feed URL. This feed URL contains event data (like times, dates, location, title, description, and time zone) in a standard format. Also, there is a unique identifier or “”UID”” for each event.


That’s mean you can:

  • Synch any external calendar with your listing calendar
  • Avoid double-booking in a different calendar.
  • Import/export unlimited calendar link from any listing


Visit our help center to know more about: How to avoid double-booking with calendar Synch?

New feature
Sep 28, 2021

Save your listing as a draft 1

LONCANI always aims to help you in the best way to create your listings. We are proud to announce that we have introduced a great number of features related to beauty services and treatments in LONCANI and we constantly work to improve all the platform areas. 

We just added a brand new feature to LONCANI listing feature, and we think you’re going to love it. It’s <Draft listing status> 🎉  and it can help you do save time and get back anytime on LONCANI to submit your listing. See it in action 👇

Listing draft status will help you: 

  • Start a listing and save it automatically in draft mode if you don’t submit it the first time. 
  • Save your time because you don’t have to start from scratch a new listing.
  • Come back anytime to submit your listing on LONCANI. 
New feature
Apr 26, 2021

Add picture now when you add a review

Introducing photos in the review when you leave a comment on listing. We understand how review is important for our beauty care and wellness expert. In addition to influencing strategy, a business review is a useful tool for assessing performance and improving processes, systems or marketing as needed or identifying opportunities that may have been missed.

In our industry, a review with pictures that shows the reality is 10x times powerful. So we have listened to you. We are happy to make this happen.

When adding a review, you can now share a few pictures. There is no limit for now, but we suggest not exceed ten photos per review.

New feature
Jan 30, 2021

Get help anytime, anywhere with the new feature: Resource Centre

LONCANI always facilitates all stakeholders and willing to provide convenient services to every individual. Our web portal is attractive and user friendly as well as efficient. Our support team has created FAQs with due diligence, which facilitate all issues faced by users. We also have published several articles to explain each feature of the LONCANI platform to help our users find the answers themself.

Resource Centre

If you are looking for any solution, then click on “Help” under the main menu in your dashboard. A new pop-up called “Resource Center” will open with the following options in the following screenshot.

Visit our help center to know more on: How to get support and help from us?