Zapier automation flows have never been more accessible.

Open the form you want to connect with Zapier via Edit Form action button.

Under Setup find the Zapier Integration tab. Here you will be able to see a checkbox to "Enable/Disable Zapier Integration". Check the checkbox to enable.

Open your Zapier Dashboard. Click on "Create a Zap".

To be able to Create a Zap you will need two things:

  1. API Key - Get it from your Form Builder App: Settings > Integrations > Generate API Token > copy the Token

Choose "HulkApps Form Builder" in the Trigger part of the Zap creation. Trigger the event of "Form responses". To Create an Account use the previously copied API Token. 

The Hulk Form Builder app is verifying the provided Token.

       2. Form ID - Get it from your required form and copy it to the "Set up trigger" section

Once the form ID is added, proceed to test your added trigger. If the trigger is set up correctly, the last response submitted to the form in question will be displayed. 

The next section is the Action section. An Action is an event a Zap performs after it starts.

You can choose one of the provided Action possibilities. Let's process with Google Sheets as an example.

Choose an Event from the dropdown menu. 

Choose a Google Sheet Account. 

Fill in the rest of the Google Sheet data.

This part of the Zapier Integration is highly valuable to get the needed Form Elements to be recorded via Zapier and saved to your Google Sheets (or any other chosen Action type).

If a Test Zap comes through well, proceed to Publish the Zap! Click on the "Publish & Turn On" button.

Submit the connected Form to have the requested Form Elements recorded in your Google Sheet.

Find all the Zap data in Zapier under Zaps.

Enjoy the automated flows!