In this article we'll cover the two ways you can create onboarding flows with Driftly.

The first and quickest way is by installing the builder chrome extension from the Chrome Extension Store. Once you've installed it, navigate to your website and click on the extension icon. This will now open the builder interface at the bottom of the screen.

Builder Interface

The second method to get to this point is a bit more involved, but it comes with a lot more benefits like previewing flows and more. In order to get started with this method you need to first embed the Driftly script onto your website. You can do that by going to and copying the snippet shown there into your website.

Once you've done that you should go to the "builder" tab in the sidebar.

And then just type in your website and click "go". This will open a new tab with your website with a lightning button in the bottom right corner like this. 


All you have to do is click the button and it will open up the builder interface.

Great! Now you're ready to actually start building your first flow. Click on the create flow button and start creating something awesome!