Feb 24, 2022

February Product Update

Improved Attendee UX and Group Registration

We've made several improvements to Delegate Connect this month! Let's take a look.

We Gave the Platform a Face Lift!

We've updated the look and feel of our event platform to give attendees a clean and elevated experience. In the coming weeks, you'll notice:

  • A new set of icons across your event site, including an icon picker option
  • Customisable fonts across all pages of your site, including talks, exhibitor booths, and descriptions
  • Color, padding, and hover improvements across your site to elevate the look and feel of your event
  • A new collapsable menu on mobile view
  • A redesigned and easier-to-use search function

New Group Registration Coming Soon

Soon, attendees will be able to register groups of people for your event at one time. This will make it much easier for users to register their team all at once without repeating the registration process multiple times.

When group registrations are enabled, a new option, "Register as a Group," will be available to users on the registration introduction page.

Stay tuned for an official release date of this feature!

New Meeting Import Tool

With our new meeting importer tool, event admins can quickly bulk import meetings to their event platform. These meetings can be with up to 16 attendees and users can join them via their My Dashboard page. This is especially helpful if you are using a third-party scheduling tool.

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Version Release
Dec 17, 2021



  • General UX tidy ups with padding and responsive view in preparation for something coming soon!
  • General bug fixes and improvements¬†
Version Release
Dec 10, 2021



  • Added the option of collecting membership ID to the user account creation
  • Including the "Delegate Type" as a column in the CPD report
  • Fixed an issue where chat would occasionally fail to load
  • General bug fixes and improvements¬†
Version Release
Dec 03, 2021



  • Removed the 300 character limit on on Talk titles - now your talk titles can be as information rich as you need!
  • Alert when an adblocker is stopping the sponsors table from displaying
  • General bug fixes and improvements¬†

Version Release
Nov 21, 2021


New Features

- Added the ability to restrict access to Zoom workshops to specific delegate types


- Added sorting to the CPD report

- Improved the user experience of questions & reporting views

- Tuned up the livestream chat report to give results for individual events

- Improved featured video views reporting for Exhibitors and Sponsors

Version Release
Nov 14, 2021


New Features

- We have enhanced our private meeting functionality to support group private meetings. Delegates can now book meetings with up to 15 delegates, with each invitee receiving relevant email communications to accept or reject the invitation. Meeting organisers can easily see how many invitees have accepted, rejected or pending a response to the invitation all within the Delegate Connect platform.

- Enhanced our accessibility features for videos with the ability to upload multiple caption (SRT) files for a single video. This allows a featured video or an on-demand video to have multiple caption files for a delegate to select from.

- We have added sorting to the session registration views and reports to better enable data filtering, searching and sorting

- Improved the user experience of questions & reporting views

Version Release
Nov 06, 2021


New Features
- Enhance CPD and session registration reports with membership ID values

- Various UX improvements to reports, live stream polls and CSV importers

Version Release
Oct 31, 2021


New Features

Event organisers can now create one or more event surveys to capture feedback from delegates. The survey questions are customisable along with the images. Delegates can respond to a survey at any time while the survey is active

Various improvements to the UX of live stream polls, resource uploads, navigation and multi-language

Version Release
Oct 24, 2021


New Features

- Enhanced the session registration reports with more data
- Improved the performance and UX of the search functionality
- UX improvements the registration payment step

Version Release
Oct 17, 2021


New Features
Delegates can log into event platforms using a password-less link. Event organisers can choose to use this feature or not and even configure how long the links are valid before delegates have to request a new link
A wide variety of user experience across the admin functionality and reporting tools