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The Cleo Trading Platform is constantly improving. Here you can find Release Notes and General Updates.

New feature
Jan 31, 2023

v1.35 - release update - Automate position with your own trendline

Hey guys!

After about two months we released an update, with 4 new major features, several bug fixes and smaller improvements.

Main features:

1. Trendline

When creating a Smart Trade or a Loop, you can now draw your own Trendline into the chart and use it in the conditions!

You can currently use it only to compare to the price, but in a few weeks, you'll be able to compare it to anything else within that chart - such as moving averages, Bollinger bands, VWAP etc.

2. GIF

We have improved how you can share your position replays. Now you can select a timeframe of the gif and you'll be informed of how many candles that will be. Big improvement for increasing engagement on your social media.

3. Additional statistics visualizations

Now you can see detailed statistics for every backtest - including: Risk of Ruin, best positions/worst positions, number of positions traded based on day or hour, profit generated based on positions opened in certain days or hours and much more.

4. Expiring backtest position replays

From now on, all your backtested positions will have time-limited position replays. After a set period of time, you'll be able to view only the first 100 positions of each backtest.

For Free and Trader accounts, positions expire after 7 days.

For Trader PRO accounts, positions expire after 90 days.

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Create Smart Trade using drawing tools
Trading Statistics

Add statistics to have datapoints on how to improve trading results

Improve trendline settings
New feature
Dec 05, 2022

v1.34 - release update - Divergence in Builder!

We are excited to announce that from now on you can create open and close conditions for your strategies using a divergence!

New terms in the builder are:

  • Bullish Divergence
  • Bearish Divergence
  • Hidden Bullish Divergence
  • Hidden Bearish Divergence

You can compare:

  • Price with an oscillator indicator
  • An oscillator indicator with another oscillator indicator
  • Price of any asset with price of any other asset.

What parameters you can choose:

All divergences have five editable parameters:

  • Lookback range (period)
    • This parameter sets how far back should the strategy search for the divergence. The default value is 60 which means "Look for the divergence anywhere within the last 60 bars"
  • Min. distance between peaks/throughs (Pivot Lookback Left)
    • This parameter defines how many candles on the left side are needed to confirm that the pivot point is found
  • Confirmation bars (Pivot Lookback Right)
    • This parameter defines how many bars on the right sideare needed to confirm that the pivot point is found

The two pivot point settings define each peak/through in the divergence.

If you keep the default settings of a bullish divergence:

  • Lookback Range (bars): 60
  • Min. distance between throughs (left) = 1
  • Confirmation bars (right) = 3

This setting means that both throughs in the divergence must be the lowest points within the nearest 5 bars (lower than 1 bar to the left and three bars to the right). This must be true for both throughs that can be found within the last 60 candles (lookback range). The divergence will be confirmed 3 bars after the nearest pivot point was found.

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RSI Divergence indicator
New feature
Dec 01, 2022

v1.33 release update

Hey everyone!

We have just released a new version of trading platform with several new pages and functionality.

1. New Cleo Dashboard

This is your new home. You will see all of your portfolios, your cashback progress, your latest activity, your overall app usage, economic calendar, educational articles, and much more.

2. New Cashback page

Since we introduced Cashback it has become integral part of the Cleo experience. We have developed a dashboard where you can review your trading volume and earned cashback from Cleo positions.

TBD: We want to add a dashboard where you can crosscheck the deposits made to your OKX Funding account, since those are aggregated every hour.

3. Portfolio overview - quick position statistics

Added a block of statistics for quick overview of all positions placed on the selected portfolio. Now you can quickly see ratio of shorts and longs, wins and losses and total PnL of all open positions.

4. Position table edit

We have added multiple columns you can show or hide based on your preferences. The duration column and Close Quantity column are now available, Close Quantity can be viewed in both Base and Quote currency.

5. Trading Terminal - chart - magnet tool

Now you can use a magnet tool by clicking the magnet icon or holding CTRL key. This is an addition to the existing  SHIFT key which locks the trendline into a horizontal line with a 0° angle.

and many more smaller updates and improvements!

Happy trading!

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User Experience
Add Cleo Dashboard
User Experience
Add Cashback dashboard
Nov 02, 2022

v1.32 release update - Improvements

Hey everyone!

We have released another batch of improvements to cleo:

  • arrow navigation between positions enabled, for backtest positions, the navigation context is only that single backtest, for any live positions, the navigation context is all portfolio live positions based on their # number
  • clarified some plan validations error messages, where the exchange itself is not supported

  • fixed "Not Enough Balance" error not showing in some actions

  • Volume-based slippages now not part of position fees, but informational value

  • Position table on dashboard now has column filter. You can add and remove columns for each position type!
  • Position previous/next arrow buttons enabled
  • Added Magnet tool to our chart
  • Tab navigation component and loop/backtest page were restyled
  • and some more minor changes

We're hard at work to make sure we give you the best trading platform out there. Let us know your thoughts!

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Duration + Quantity in Quote in Position Table
Add magnet function to the Cleo chart
Oct 28, 2022

v1.31 release update - improvements

Happy friday, traders! We have an another quick update for you:

  • Position player now supports different candle styles. You can change it in the bottom right chart settings menu. Each option is explained on hover. You can see it in effect the best on fully-in-view closed positions, do not mistake this for candle colour sets (green-red vs blue-red).

  • Streak bar chart in loop details was improved. It now handles values of 10 properly.
  • Some tables (e.g. loop positions) now have page size option in the bottom left corner
  • Loop active position PnL recalculates dynamically with price movements
  • Top bar user menu was restyled and email masking was softened

More improvements coming next week!

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Streak bar improvement
Position table - add pagination size
Oct 26, 2022

v1.30 release update - improvements

Hey traders!

Another update with smaller improvements are coming your way. Mainly:

  • fixed backtest range limits
  • enabled email campaigns
  • updated position SLs/TPs tabs

  • fixed portfolio deactivation after API keys are removed directly on exchange
  • backtester notification improved with more detailed data
  • more minor fixes

Happy trading!

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Improve design of position protections
Oct 24, 2022

v1.29 release update - improvements

Hello traders!

We continue to ship smaller improvements that increase the usability of the Cleo platform. Here is the list of the latest improvements pushed to production today:

  • Improved Position Volume + Leverage calculation

Now you can lock the position size, and moving the leverage slider will affect only the margin the position will require. Locking the position size (whether in base or quote currency) will keep the same Stop Loss and Take Profit settings.

Finally using high leverage can be removed from a discussion about risk in trading!

  • Improved Position tables

Now you can click on the lines with the mouse wheel and open each position detail on a new tab

A major improvement for people trying to play multiple positions without any particular order.

  • Introduced privacy mode

If you want to screen share your trades on social media, but don't want to reveal your email.

and several smaller improvements.

Don't forget to leave your ideas in the tab over if you want us to implement something you're missing!

Oct 20, 2022

v1.28 release update - improvements

Hello traders!

Another one. Here's what's updated:

  1. User-reported backtesting issues fixed (Data loading issues)
  2. Short positions not opening on OKX exchange issue fixed
  3. The rounding of price was increased to 8 significant digits
  4. Fixed position open/close emails not being sent
  5. introduced graceful stopping of strategies over tier limit, when downgrading, by leaving positions opened on exchange and tagging them as invalid (with a reason for stopped tracking) in Cleo
Oct 18, 2022

v1.27 release update - improvements

The first post-major release update contains several smaller bug fixes and improvements. Namely:

  1. Backtesting speed improved significantly
  2. Profit Factor calculation improvement
  3. Improved filled order tracking on OKX
  4. Fixed a few issues preventing position opens on OKX portfolios
  5. Enabled downgrading/updating to OKX Free Tier
  6. The trading terminal now keeps your last portfolio choice pre-selected
  7. Duplicating loops now prefills the last name with added version suffix
  8. Fixed trading terminal not loading when your OKX portfolio had 0 balance

and many more smaller fixes and visual improvements.

Happy trading!

New feature
Oct 14, 2022

v1.26 release update - Giant update

Hi traders!

After about two months we finalized an update with several new groundbreaking features:

  • New exchange – OKXsupported for all Cleo features, namely:
    • Instant Trading, with full position visualization & modification in the chart and 4 Take Profits or 4 Stop Losses
    • Smart Trading with all no-code conditions and full position risk management options
    • Automating your Smart Positions and running them in an infinite loop, with execution frequency up to the lowest 1 minute timeframe and evaluation of any conditions in milliseconds
    • Supported trading pairs are all USDT perpetual (swap) features

  • Qualified OKX accounts are eligible for our new Cashback program, where you can earn up to 6000$ for trading via Cleo platform (see more here.)

  • The fully fletched Backtesting feature for your automated Loops with:
    1. Support for newly added exchange - OKX complete data history
    2. Supported timeframes up to the lowest 1 minute
    3. Backtesting range for single backtest up to whole asset history (few years for most assets)
    4. Option to set volume-based Slippage in either percentages or absolute USDT value, to realistically reflect how bigger positions or less liquid markets negatively affect your executed entry/exit price
    5. Set Spreads, Commissions and Funding Fees in either percentages or absolute USDT value
    6. High-performance execution in a matter of seconds
    7. PnL Chart with several statistics (a lot more coming soon)
    8. You can replay any position created by Backtest, via our Position Player feature, showing the whole position lifetime in the chart, along with all condition data

  • New Loops pagewhere you can browse & filter all your Loops, giving you quick visual access to:
    1. Active, Inactive, or Backtested Loops
    2. Live or Backtest total PnL, positions, and other handy stats
    3. Short visual overview of your Loop, position size, Leverage, Timeframe, TPs, SLs, Asset, and more
    4. Quick actions to start/stop live trading, Backtest the Loop or duplicate it in one click
  • In all trading terminals and position players you can find our new Chart
    1. For Instant Trade create a whole position with multiple TPs & SLs directly in the chart, by simple dragging
    2. A few drawing tools added to help you mark important levels (more coming soon) or use in entry or exit conditions soon
    3. Several smaller ease-of-use features added

  • Moving forward users can pick one of 3 new pricing tiers, including a completely free account for OKX users, just by connecting an OKX account

  • And with new tiers, we are also introducing an Affiliate program, where you can earn 30% revenue from each paying friend you refer and 100$ for Qualified OKX users
    1. Register and find out more details here.

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Affiliate Program
Cashback Program
Connect to OKX

Allow Futures trading on OKX

Backtesting for Loop