Release Updates

7 months ago

Hotfix v.1.1.2


Calendar notes

Calendar notes could not be saved if the start and end dates were the same day. This field validation has been corrected, and you are now able to create notes that start and end on the same day.

8 months ago

Hotfix v.1.1.1


Calendar notes

Calendar notes could not be saved if the end time was less than the start time, regardless of the date that was selected. This field validation has been corrected to now take into consideration both the date and time.


There were issues with editing and saving locations that had addresses entered manually. This has now been resolved.


Customers are now able to sign waivers, if the booking was created by a staff member.


The subscriber activation pop-up when you first create an Aionic subscription is now more detailed, as it guides you through the setup process.

New feature
8 months ago

Update v1.1.0

New Features

Repeat bookings

A new ‘Enable repeat booking’ checkbox is available when creating and editing Services and Sequences. When checked, customers will be presented with a prompt asking if they would like to book a ‘One-Time Booking’ or ‘Repeat Booking’. If ‘Repeat Booking’ is chosen, they can specify the number of weeks or fortnights in advance that the booking should be booked for. Individual repeat bookings can be adjusted if needed.

Calendar notes

A new ‘Add Note’ button is available on the booking calendar in your Aionic dashboard. Calendar notes display like bookings, and allow you to store useful information and reminders within Aionic. You can set the start and end date/time, the title, description and which locations the note applies to. If the ‘Location is unavailable’ checkbox is checked, then the entire location will not be available for customers to book during that note's time period. This is useful if you need to block your venue out for a certain period of time, or if you’re closed for a public holiday.


PDF invoices are now generated when a booking is made. They are attached to the booking confirmation email which is sent to the customer. They can also be redownloaded via the customer when they visit the ‘Manage Booking’ page, accessible via their account.

Coupons (%)

Percentage-based coupons are now available, and can be created and managed in the ‘Pricing’ tab of your Aionic dashboard. They can be connected to Services and Sequences, with support for customisable coupon codes (e.g. ‘WELCOME10’ or ‘XMAS2023’). Coupons can be set to expire at a certain date, to prevent redemption past a promotional period, or can be set to have ‘No End Date’, which allows you to continue to use and promote the code with no time constraints.